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Calming Facial Moisturizer

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Calming Facial Moisturizer
  • Calming Facial Moisturizer

A very lightweight facial moisturizer for sensitive, acne-prone skin. Highly moisturizing while helping to heal and stop flare-ups. Won't clog pores, helping your skin breathe.

The base of this face lotion is not water but alcohol-free WITCH HAZEL and PURE ALOE VERA JUICE, both known to help fight inflammation and speed up the healing process. Both are known to be antibacterial, helping to shrink pores and reducing excess oil production.


::CHIA SEED EXTRACT:: Rich in zinc, Omega-3 fatty acids, and anti-oxidants, it heals skin inflammation and quick wound healing, protecting the outer layer of the skin. Helping to promote healthy glowing skin.

::CHAMOMILE:: Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It helps soothe skin flare-ups.

::PLANTAIN LEAF:: Induces quicker skin healing, helping with skin regenerating, reducing the chances of skin blemishes from scarring.

::PUMPKIN SEED OIL:: Rich in essential fatty acids that regulate proper skin oil production, which makes it useful for both oily/acne-prone skin and dry skin.

::MEADOWFOAM OIL:: Helps detoxify the skin, helps reduce skin inflammation and helps soothe blotchy, red skin.

DIRECTIONS: Apply after face wash or when needed.

INGREDIENTS: Aloe Vera Juice*, Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel, Calendula Flowers*, Chamomile Flowers*, Chrysanthemum Petals*, Helichrysum*, Plantain Leaves*, Burdock Root*, Eucalyptus Leaves*, Comfrey Leaves*, Oolong Tea*, Pumpkin Seed Oil*, Chia Seed Extract*, Hempseed Oil*, Meadowfoam Oil*, Cottonseed Oil*, Pure Honey*, Colloidal Oatmeal, Emulsifier, Benzylalcohol (Preservative), Citrus Combo (Antimicrobial Agent), Citric Acid (Enhances Preservative). *Certified Pure and/or Organic

DISCLAIMER: I make no claims to treat or cure any diseases. Please check ingredients for any possible allergens. If a reaction occurs, discontinue use and contact a physician.