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Feminine Card Bundle.

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Feminine Card Bundle.
  • Feminine Card Bundle.
  • Feminine Card Bundle.

Pair these 2 feminine products for ultimate Yoni care!! The herbs and oils together will keep you feeling fresh and confident.

::FEMININE CLEANSER:: This herbal intimate cleanser is infused with uplifting and naturally deodorizing ingredients to protect your sensitive skin from bacteria causing odors.

DIRECTION: Shake well before use. With 1-2 pumps wash your external intimate area and rinse thoroughly. Safe and gentle enough for everyday use.

::YONI OIL:: Each oil and herb were chosen for their properties of being antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal while being gentle enough for your intimate area.

Supports PH balance, combats yeast, and of course lubricates. Works great as an aftershave/wax oil.

DIRECTION: After showering, or bathing apply oil to moisturize your outer feminine area.
**Eternal use only. If you feel any irritation discontinue use**

DISCLAIMER: I make no claims to treat or cure any diseases. Please check ingredients for any possible allergens. If a reaction occurs, discontinue use and contact a physician.