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Feminine Oil. Yoni Oil.

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Feminine Oil. Yoni Oil.

This Feminine Oil is made with all-natural ingredients that have been chosen for feminine health and dryness properties. Each oil and herb were chosen for their properties of being antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal while being gentle enough for your intimate area.

Supports PH balance, combats yeast, and of course lubricates. Works great as an aftershave/wax oil.

DIRECTION: After showering, or bathing apply oil to moisturize your outer feminine area.
**Eternal use only. If you feel any irritation discontinue usage**

INGREDIENTS: Pure Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Roses*, Peppermint*, Raspberry Leaf*, Hawthorn Flowers*, Wormwood*, Rosemary Leaf*, Dried Jasmine Flowers*, Lavender Buds*, Chamomile Flowers*
*Certified Pure and/or Organic

DISCLAIMER: I make no claims to treat or cure any diseases. Please check ingredients for any possible allergens. If a reaction occurs, discontinue use and contact a physician.