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Hibiscus + Guava Leave_In Conditioner

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Hibiscus + Guava Leave_In Conditioner
  • Hibiscus + Guava Leave_In Conditioner

A moisturizing leave_in conditioner made for all hair types.

Every ingredient was carefully chosen. It will help your hair stay nourished, moisturized, and help with mild hair loss.


::HIBISCUS:: Rich in vitamin C, that boosts collagen, ensuring healthy hair growth. It's rich in amino acids that nourish your hair, strengthening your roots.

::GUAVA:: Packed with vitamin B2 that helps with restoring healthy hair. It strengthens follicles, which promote thicker, stronger, and healthier hair growth. It also helps with hair manageability.

::TRIPHALA:: Packed with vitamin C, antioxidants and has anti-fungal properties as well. It strengthens the hair from the root, preventing hair loss and also eliminates dandruff.

::MARSHMALLOW ROOT:: Adds slip to your hair, helping with hair tangles and holds moisture to your hair.

::MANGO BUTTER:: Natural Emollient (locks in moisture) with a high content of fatty acids that help keep hair and scalp hydrated.

::GRAPESEED OIL:: naturally hypoallergenic and fights scalp and hair dryness.

INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, Dried Hibiscus Flowers*, Marshmallow Root*, Mango Butter*, Emulsifier, Coconut Oil*, Grape Seed Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Amla Extract*, Haritaki Extract*, Bibhitaki Extract*, Silk Peptide, Guava Leaf Extract*, Mango Extract*, Preservative. *certified pure and/or organic

DIRECTIONS: On clean wet hair, part hair in 4 sections, and add a small amount to start. I know how us curly hair girls can be but if too much is used, curls can look weigh down. Style as usual. On dry hair, starting with a small amount, apply to curls while "crunching" up.

If you would like to pair this moisturizer with a hair detox mask please click on the link below:

DISCLAIMER: I make no claims to treat or cure any diseases. Please check ingredients for any possible allergens. If a reaction occurs, discontinue use and contact a physician. Every product listed has been personally tested by myself or family members.